Delivery Optimized

What we do

We enable owners of restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs and other leisure assets to optimize under utilised kitchen assets by licensing our suite of delivery made brands in to their existing infrastructure at no additional upfront cost.

Our suite of on-trend, ever evolving brands have been constructed to travel well, easy to train in to a lesser skilled kitchen team, made for a millennial / GenZ audience and targeted to your local demographics. Our brands are cooked in your kitchen, by your existing team, to be collected/delivered to customers within a 2-3 mile radius using the food delivery aggregators. All of this without impacting your existing business thereby adding an additional revenue stream at no additional overhead.

We optimise throughput of our host kitchens


+ Full onsite review


+ Based on kitchen, location & demographic data analysis


+ Comprehensive Kitchen team & management training delivered


+ Apps & delivery
aggregators aligned


+ Regular reviews & ongoing development

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We have over 30 delivery brands

focused on every day part covering a myriad of cuisines and dietary needs. From indulgent to healthier more plant based menus, we select brands for your kitchen based on a number of factors including your local demographics.

WE are the fastest growing company in the UK to license virtual brands and a full technology stack to optimise under utilised kitchens

What we have Achieved
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