Our brands

From the tried-and-tested favourites to the hot, new trends 🔥

A cuisine for every kitchen
& customer

food designed to travel

Soggy chips? Clammy burger? Wangy pizza?

No thanks.

Not all food is created equal: our Michelin-award winning chefs design the menus from the ground up to ensure customers receive food that’s as tasty at home as it would be in a restaurant.

No special kit needed

Our menus are designed to work with the most common kitchen equipment:

  • Fryer
  • Grill or griddle plate
  • Induction burner or stove
  • Over or combi oven
  • Commercial microwave
  • Hot pass
  • Fridge and freezers

a menu for all tastes

Our brands are designed to appeal to every type of target customer and latest trend, including:

  • Chicken
  • Burgers
  • Indian
  • Mexican
  • Vegan
  • Healthy
  • + many more!

Our brands are loved by customers