MrBeast Burger is the brainchild of Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast) a 24 year old YouTuber who’s channel has over 130 million subscribers, making him the 4th most watched on the platform!

MrBeast Burger works with over 1700 hosts in the US and is now available in Europe and Asia – with huge sales wherever it goes. His fans and those new to the brand, love its simple but tasty, burger menu based on the classic American ‘smashed’ burgers.

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The Opportunity


We’re the official partner with MrBeast launches in the UK and we’re looking for outstanding host kitchens to start serving burgers for pick up and delivery.

Jimmy’s burgers are simple to cook and are super popular – so don’t miss this opportunity to join the MrBeast family!

Next Steps

Fill in your details on the link and one of the team will come back to you asap.

We’re looking to launch in June 2023!