We create brands that work.

We're super passionate about making amazing tasting food that customers love. As operators ourselves, we also understand that food delivery needs to be simple, slick and profitable - our team of chefs do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

With kitchens earning an additional £4k - £8.5k per week.


Revenue from online food
delivery in the United Kingdom expected in 2024.


Value of the food service delivery market in the United Kingdom in 2021.


Number of people worldwide who used a form of online food delivery service in 2021.

The KBOX signature brands

Boring food that's hard to cook?
No thanks.

We worked with the best chefs (including our awesome Michelin starred one) to create unfussy and flavourful dishes that are a breeze to cook and will make your customers keep coming back for more.

The KBOX Signature Collective


With just a 4 step onboarding process, our easy to prepare brands work for any commercial kitchen big or small.
With zero hassle and no upfront costs, your extra space = EXTRA INCOME


Full kitchen capability assessment


Location and demographic
data analysis


Kitchen training, supply chain set-up and delivery platform integration


Performance marketing, operational support and  customer comms


From restaurants, pubs, hotels and takeaways to casinos to universities - if you've got a commercial kitchen, we can help.

Dine-in restaurants

With our fantastic training and ongoing support, your busy delivery won't affect your dine-in sales.

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You're already set for take-out food, so we're just adding brilliant brands that sell, to work alongside your offering.

Bars & Pubs

Not normally known for high delivery sales, bars and pubs can maximise down time and add extra revenue.


The larger size of kitchen hotels is perfect for adding our brands - simple, well thought processes work well and stops revenue going elsewhere.

Hear from our Partners

Hotel Chain, Midlands

KBOX has given the us the opportunity to enter this fast-growing industry with the advantage of established brands and user-friendly tech. For the large majority of hotels, this multi-billion-pound industry is untapped due to lack of understanding and experience. The KBOX partnership delivers this knowledge to empower our kitchen teams to significantly drive food and beverage revenue and profit.

Average weekly sales for KBOX brands, £4k minimum.

Al Malik
Managing Director, Remarkable Hotels UK

Pub, Oxfordshire

Finding and signing up to KBOX has revolutionised my business, with all the challenges and uncertainty that the Covid 19 pandemic has put on hospitality, this partnership has given us a solid income on and off the premises. Come rain or shine, quite literally, we can be confident that we can keep sales coming in.

The Income I get from KBOX pays for the staffing costs of my pub team of 12.

Ian Thomas

Catering company, South East London

The KBOX model speaks to the very core of our challenge as an established catering business; how to maximise the kitchen facilities we have on site, utilise the skills and experience of our team, and ensure we are grabbing new revenue opportunities with both hands. Since partnering with them in July this year, we’ve added to our turnover by 10%, and we won’t be looking back.

Average weekly sales for KBOX brands for launch period - £6,500.

Amit Patel
Owner, Berkeley Catering

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